Kindling (2020)

Two estranged girl friends hash out old wounds and reconnect on a road trip when one helps the other get an abortion.

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Big Sleep (2019)

A conservative prodigy pianist comes home to fight one last time against his mother, a lifelong biochemist, over her decision to undergo assisted suicide.


有的女人 / Certain Women  (2019)

Women in Cinematic Arts - 3rd Feminist Media Festival, Finalist



A family crisis happens back home in China when a single mother visits her daughter for her graduation ceremony in the US. The two women are forced to reevaluate their relationship when they spend the difficult time together.

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Sunrise Cafe  (2018)

Late night. Thai diner. Time is running out for another talk, but time allows the always.

Guy Girl Man Woman  (2017)

As a young couple interferes with an abusive argument between their middle-aged counterparts, their own problems erupt.