Kindling (2020)

Two estranged childhood best friends confront each other about who they were and what they have become when one drives the other to get an abortion.

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Big Sleep (2019)

A conservative prodigy pianist comes home to fight one last time against his mother, a lifelong biochemist, over her decision to undergo assisted suicide.


有的女人 / Certain Women  (2019)

Women in Cinematic Arts - 3rd Feminist Media Festival, Finalist



A family crisis happens back home in China when a single mother visits her daughter for her graduation ceremony in the US. The two women are forced to reevaluate their relationship when they spend the difficult time together.

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Directing Sample -- Sex, Lies and Videotape "Cafe Scene"

Ann, a sexually restricted and emotionally unfulfilled housewife, takes Graham, her husband's college friend who's been drifting for nine years, out for an apartment hunt before their lunch "date". 

Directing Sample -- Sex, Lies and Videotape "Last Part of Ann's Tape"

After finding out that her husband has an affair with her sister, Ann, a sexually restricted and emotionally unfulfilled housewife, finds Graham, her husband's college friend who'd been drifting for nine years and recently returned to town, to record a videotape where she talks about her sexual desires.

"dada, last night of june, 2018" (2018)

Outtakes from footage for social media account "mudeling".

The clip records and recreates the tension between three young queer Chinese women at a drag queen show at Dada Bar, Shanghai which was temporarily closed due to unspecified political reasons a year after. 


三个年轻的queer中国女人的关系和tension在不经意间被记录和重述。她们所在的上海酒吧当时正办着一个drag queen show。一年后,这个酒吧因为不明原因暂时歇业。Drag queen一类的文化也被更深地埋到地下。