“manifesto”, 2020

Xinyi Zhu is a filmmaker and writer-director who recently graduated with an MFA in Film Production from USC. Her works and studies have been supported by Ford Foundation, CAAM, James Bridges Directing Scholarship, Jon M. Chu Cinematic Arts Scholarship and APAA Distinguished Scholarship Award and others.


Her stories often concern how individuals struggle when trapped in the web of complicated relationships, societal problems, and the corrupted selves. Her past films, mainly exploring womanhood, identity issues and interpersonal relationships, have been selected at festivals including Palm Springs, Cinequest, HollyShorts, and Heartland.


Xinyi was born and raised in Suzhou, China where she practiced Chinese painting and sketching since little. She holds a B.A. degree in Psychology from UCLA. Prior to her MFA studies, she worked in film & TV development and production design. 

She is currently developing her first narrative feature "Nanzhou, Nanzhou".



她的故事经常关于个人在被亲密关系、复杂社会以及受侵蚀的自己困住的情况下如何挣扎。她过去的作品主要讨论女性、身份问题、人际关系,曾入选Palm Springs、Cinequest、HollyShorts、Heartland等电影节。

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